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The 47th WMOC14 from 24th August to 30th August 2014 in GÜSSING/AUSTRIA
was a very successful event for the Austrian Armed Forces,
CISM and the international orienteering-family.

The 48. WMOC will be organised by the Republic of South Korea in October 2015.

Thank you very much to all supporters and nations/teams,
Friendship Through Sport!

Friday, 29th August - Closing ceremony
Wednesday, 27th August - "Bronze medal"

Second medal for Austrian team within two days – bronze in team competition
After yesterday's silver medal for the middle distance, the Austrian team won the bronze medal in the team competition for the very first time.
Corporal Xander Berger, Corporal Helmut Gremmel, Master Corporal Gernot Kerschbaumer, Master Corporal Markus Lang, Corporal Robert Merl and Corporal Wartbichler were only defeated by the teams of Switzerland and Russia.
Minister of Defence and Sports Gerald Klug congratulated the Austrian team and said that they can be proud of winning two medals in two days. The team score includes the results of the middle and long distance competition.

3 gold medals for Swiss athlete Markus Kyburz
Markus Kybuz has won his second gold medal within 24 hours in the individual competition and an additional in the team competition. "I came to Güssing in the hope to win at least one medal. Two in the individual and one in the team competition are unbelievable", said Kyburz. He finished in 1:04.35, winning ahead of his teammate Fabian Hertner and Andreas Khramov from Russia.
Russia won the gold and bronze medal in the woman's competition just like yesterday. Natalia Efimova defeated Annika Rhima from Estonia and Yulia Novikova.

Bronze at last for the Austrian team
Austrian athletes weren't able to attain a top ranking in yesterday's long distance competition. Gernot Kerschbaumer finished 10th place. "I made some minor mistakes today, so a top ranking was not possible, but I'm very glad winning the bronze medal with the team", said Kerschbaumer.
The final standing of the Austrian team: 14. Robert Merl (1:12.25), 20. Christian Wartbichler (1:14.32), 21. Helmut Gremmel (1:14.51), 30. Markus Lang (1:16.20), 51. Alexander Berger (1:20.59), 71. Mathias Reiner (1:26.11).

Relay race on Friday
The team for the relay race on Friday consists of Gernot Kerschbaumer, Helmut Gremmel and Robert Merl. "The team is able to win another Medal", said Warrant Officer I Markus Kössler, coach of the Austrian team. "We won a medal in the team competition for the first time and Kerschbaumer won silver in an individual race. Everything else would be a nice addition."

Wednesday, 27th August
Interview LTC Braun - Event Director

What is your position at the Theresian Military Academy?
I am an instructor at the Theresian Military Academy in general and a voluntary specialist officer for sports since 2006.
What is your role during the World Military Orienteering Championship?
I am the event director for the whole competition, in detail the long and middle distance and relay competition.
Are you a specialist officer for orienteering only?
I am involved exclusively with orienteering.
Why is orienteering so interesting?
Orienteering is so interesting, because it combines two elements. The combination of the physical and mental element (running, getting one's bearings) makes this sport challenging.
What are the challenges in organising the World Military Orienteering Championship?
A major challenge is to follow the international regualtions, especially the correct course setting.
Can you exemplify some facts and figures?
200 male and 100 female athletes from 30 different nations compete in the World Military Championship and are supported by about 100 people. The national organizing team consist of about 200 soldiers from the 19th infantry battalion. Regional orienteering clubs (e.g. the military sports association) support us with their expertise as well.
You are a dedicated orienteer. Can you explain, what requirements do I have to fulfil, if I want to take-up orienteering?
A passion for sports and a good physical fitness are important basic requirements. You also have to have coordinative skills, especially when running through the forest or across rough terrain. Another basic requirement is three-dimensional thinking. You have to be able to transfer the information from map into the field.

Tuesday, 26th August - "Silver medal"

Silver medal at the beginning of the World Military Orienteering Championship
Master Corporal Gernot Kerschbaumer has won the silver medal for the middle distance in orienteering today. The course was 6.52 km long and the military athlete was able to triumph over 181 opponents from all over the world. Minister of Defence, Gerald Klug, complimented him on his success and wished the best for the long distance competition.
The 31 year old athlete from Styria won the 2011 world championship in Rio de Janeiro. "It is an awesome feeling to win a medal in my home country, mainly because of the high pressure I was under." said Kerschbaumer, who is in the Austrian Armed Forces since the 1st of October 2014. He has a good chance to win the long distance competition tomorrow.

World Champions from Russia and Switzerland
The course for the men's middle distance was 6.2 km long with an inclination of 150 m and consisted of 27 check points. The woman's course: 4.3 km, 120 m inclination, 22 check points. The crucial factor was to choose the best possible route to avoid unnecessary detours.

Kyburz Matthias (SUI, 27:19.0) won the gold medal ahead of Gernot Kerschbaumer (AUT, 27:59.0) and Fabian Hertner (SUI, 28:14.0). Placing of the other Austrian athletes: Helmut Gremmel (21, 30:12.0), Alexander Berger (35, 32:10.0), Christian Wartbichler (37, 32:14.0), Robert Merl (38, 32:17.0), Markus Lang (45, 32:49.0) und Mathias Reiner (50, 33:02.0). Yulia Novikova (RUS, 26:34.0) won the women's middle distance ahead of Sandra Pauzaite (LTU, 26:52.0) and Galina Vinogradova (RUS, 28:15.0).

Monday, 25th August - Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony of the 47th CISM
World Military Orienteering Championship

The opening ceremony of the CISM World Military Orienteering Championships officially commenced Monday morning in the presence of 264 competitors from 29 different nations.
The grand opening of the 47th CISM World Military Orienteering Championship took place on the parade ground in the barracks of Güssing today. This competition is an important event for military sports and is held under the patronage of the Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM), the international Military Sports Council.
In the beginning of the programme and after the march of the nations, Lieutenant General Bair, Deputy Chief of Defence Staff welcomed the audiences and pointed out the significance of this championship for international sports in general and especially for sports in Austria. "It is not only to celebrate sporting achievements, but also to celebrate friendship - true to the motto: Friendship through Sports", said LTG Bair.
The two individual distances (middle and long), have gathered an impressive start field of 185 men and 79 women and are held on the 26th and 27th of August. Switzerland, Russia, France Finland, Estonia and Austria are considered favourites but Venezuela, Brazil, China, Korea and the USA have a fighting chance as well. Competitors and staff, more than 600 people, are accommodated in the Montecuccoli barracks of Güssing.
The championship concludes on Friday with relay.

About Orienteering
Orienteering is a sport that combines both a physical and a mental element. The basic idea in orienteering is to proceed from course start to finish by visiting a number of control points in a predetermined order with the help of map and compass. In order to choose the best possible route, orienteers look at the characteristics of the terrain.

Tuesday, 26th August
• 10.00-14.00: middle distance (start: football pitch Badersdorf)
• 14.00: flower ceremony (finish: sports grounds Eisenberg)
Wednesday, 27th August:
• 09.00-14.00: long distance (start: Kohfidisch)
• 14.00: flower ceremony (finish: sports grounds Eisenberg)
Friday, 29th August:
• 10.00-13.00: relay (start and finish: sports grounds Eisenberg)
• 13.00: flower ceremony (finish: sports ground Eisenberg)
• 17.00: closing and award ceremony(Montecuccoli barracks, Güssing)

Saturday, 23th August - "Final check"

Final check of the courses with the President CISM Sportcommittee Orienteering LTC Harald ØSTBYE, the Event Adviser Cpt Benedikt HUMBEL and the Event Director LTC Emanuel BRAUN. We are ready for race!

Press conference

Press conference for the 47th World Military Orienteering Championship

On the 20th of August defence minister Gerald Klug held a press conference concerning the world military orienteering championship in the Montecuccolli barracks of Güssing. In addition to the minister, the governor of the province of Burgenland Hans Niessl, the commander of the military academy BG Gerhard Herke and the Austrian front runner in orienteering MCPL Gernot Kerschbaumer were present and answered questions for the media.

Sports and the military
Minister Klug emphasised the combination of sports and the military. Orienteering is supported although it is considered a marginal sport. The championships are arranged by the International Military Sports Council (IMSC). The sports council exists since 1948 and is the second largest organization next to the Olympic Committee.

Perfect infrastructure
The Güssing barracks are the most modern in Europe and a perfect location for the championships. According to governor Niessl the Austrian Armed Forces take their share in professional sports.

Approximately 300 competitors from 30 different nations are participating. The victors will be determined from the 26th till the 29th of August.

   BG Gerhard HERKE (Austria)

47th WMOC 2014 will be part of IOF World Ranking!

"The World Military Orienteering Championships individual races will be part of the IOF World Ranking. For this reason, all athletes that do not yet have an IOF ranking ID are asked to submit this form: [IOF Athlete ID request template] to the address: as soon as possible.

The IOF World Ranking website is available at and the list of IOF athlete IDs can be found here"


The Austrian Organizer took over the CISM-Flag from the Swedish Armed Forces

At the 46th WMOC 13 in EKSJÖ (SWE), LTC ERKINGER Thomas (Organizer WMOC 2014) was handed over the CISM-Flag from the Swedish organizer. So the most important preperation-time will start for the WMOC 2014 in Güssing/Austria.

CISM Regional Austrian Championship
Orienteering 2013

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